About US

About Us is a comprehensive gifted-identified test preparation site like no other. It was developed by a panel of education experts and PhDs from Cornell, Columbia and Harvard University to improve the way children learn, practice and think in Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) tests. We aspire to bring a revolution to the way of preparing GATE tests, improving it by creating interactive learning interface, real-time reports, badge collection and dynamic scoring. We've come from a domestic California GATE test prep school since 2006, and helped many students achieve their goal. In this year we are trying to help more students by using our web-based technology so we can help students nationwide. We want to create these transformative courses with an impact to make children instant thinking and problem solving essentials.

What is the goal of GATE4Kids?

What makes GATE4Kids different is that we understand gifted kids. What we do is to reduce the uncertainly factor associated with GATE testing. Since the test is unfamiliar to everyone, many parents contact us hoping for information which they can use to familiarize their child with what they can expect when they're tested. The best thing parents can do is to expose your child to opportunities to work on lots of different type of analytical and thinking problems. We all know that GATE test is not a test with a defined curriculum which a child can study for. Preparation in the traditional sense doesn't make sense. What does make sense prior to testing, and throughout our children's lives, is to teach them how to think and solve problems. Children who can make connections and understand their own thinking processes learn faster and retain more knowledge. It's a benefit for life as well. Based on the above belief, the courses we offer here are all selected because they develop thinking. This is the goal what wants to achieve.

What is unique about

- The only web-based test prep courses for gifted and talented (GT) testing.
- Three-dimensional and interactive learning interface
- Real-time reports pinpoints child need.
- Unlimited practices in Quantitative Reasoning.
- Simulative exams of similar formats to the actual tests.
- Fun and engaging learning environment.

Our Products

GATE-related Coursesan

We develop dramatically first-of-their-kind web-based products, targeting at helping gifted children get into the best GATE program in the nation. Our series of GATE courses are Web-based versions of workbooks and textbooks with  interactive learning interface, and are produced in partnership with leading educators. Built on our interactive technology platform, GATE test prep courses engage students and make the learning process more satisfying through interactive exercises replete with vibrant animations, three-dimensional images, and fun environment. We firmly believe that this interactive learning web technology must be better for children than conventional IQ workbooks can provide.

K-6 Math

Another flagship product, K-6 Math, sets a new standard for math practice. It offers unlimited, algorithmically generated questions; real-time analytical reports; and dynamic scoring to encourage mastery.