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Educational Games

● Fun and interactive

● Logical and mathematical games

● Reward system to motivate students

fun island

GATE4Kids creates a fun and engaging environment!

Live in a treehouse! Own a farm! Raise animals! Unlike traditional IQ test workbooks and drills, GATE4Kids makes learning engaging by creatively incorporating thinking exercises and practice problems into a fun learning environment.

Students will work for hours uncovering rewards while mastering thinking skills and gaining test skills and confidence along the way. The games on Fun Island will improve logic and reasoning skills, language and vocabulary skills, mathematical skills, and most other standard skills a student needs while keeping students continuously engaged.

Join their journey of learning!

We also provide a variety of printable games (e.g., Connect the Dots, Coloring Book, What's Different, Mazes…etc) so as a parent, you can take up paper and pencils and accompany your children on their learning adventure!

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