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State Definition of "gifted & talented":

Each district shall use one or more of these categories in identifying pupils as gifted and talented. In all categories, identification of a pupil’s extraordinary capability shall be in relation to the pupil’s chronological peers. (a) Intellectual Ability: A pupil demonstrates extraordinary or potential for extraordinary intellectual >development. (b) Creative Ability: A pupil characteristically: 1. Perceives unusual relationships among aspects of the pupil’s environment and among ideas; 2. Overcomes obstacles to thinking and doing; 3. Produces unique solutions to problems. (c) Specific Academic Ability: A pupil functions at highly advanced academic levels in particular subject areas. (d) Leadership Ability: A pupil displays the characteristic behaviors necessary for extraordinary leadership. (e) High Achievement: A pupil consistently produces advanced ideas and products and/or attains exceptionally high scores on achievement tests. (f) Visual and Performing Arts Talent: A pupil originates, performs, produces, or responds at extraordinarily high levels in the arts. (g) Any other category which meets the standards set forth in these regulations. (California Code Regs. title 5, § 3822)

State Association:California Association for the Gifted, Central Cities Gifted Children's Association
Governor:Jerry Brown
State Dept. of Ed. - Gifted and Talented: Mary Autry
State Superintendent:Tom Torlakson