Gift Program
Not mandated
State funding
Not available

State Definition of "gifted & talented":

Criteria for Identification A. The local school district shall determine: 1. The categories of gifted/talented to be addressed by the program… 2. Grade, age, level, or special population to be served by the program… B. The local district shall specify the philosophy and general goal(s) of the program prior to the establishment of the selection criteria. C. The local district shall establish selection criteria in writing before students are screed and selected. D. The local district shall indicate a direct relationship between the criteria for selection and category of giftedness/talent to be addressed. E. The local district shall apply selection criteria to all students in the target group within the district and establish norms which have at the minimum a system-wide comparative group. F. The local school district shall use procedures, methods, techniques, and materials which are unbiased insofar as possible and which are appropriate to each age level. There shall be evidence that efforts were made to identify gifted and talented students from special populations, such as non-English speaking, disadvantaged, and handicapped. (Rhode Island Code R. 08 020 005)

State Association:Rhode Island Advocates for Gifted Education
Governor:Lincoln Chafee
State Dept. of Ed. - Gifted and Talented:Andrea Castaneda
Commissioner of Education:Deborah Gist