Gift Program
State funding

State Definition of "gifted & talented":

Gifted and talented students’ means children and youth whose superior performance or potential for accomplishment requires a differentiated and challenging education program to meet their needs in any one or more of the following areas: (1) general intellectual: students who demonstrate a high aptitude for abstract reasoning and conceptualization, who master skills and concepts quickly, and who are exceptionally alert and observant; (2) specific academic: students who evidence extraordinary learning ability in one or more specific disciplines; (3) visual and performing arts: students who are consistently superior in the development of a product or performance in any of the visual and performing arts; (4) leadership: students who emerge as leaders, and who demonstrate high ability to accomplish group goals by working with   and through others; (5) creative, critical or productive thinking; students who are highly insightful, imaginative, and innovative, and who   consistently assimilate and synthesize seemingly unrelated information to create new and novel solutions for conventional   tasks.” (Utah Admin. Code § 277-771-1)

State Association: Utah Association for Gifted Children
Governor:: Garry Herbert
State Dept. of Ed. - Gifted and Talented:Moya Kessig
State Superintendent:Larry K. Shumway