Technical Requirements


What do I need to use G4K?


Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10

Mozilla Firefox 10.0 or higher

Google Chrome

Note: You should ensure your computer has the latest available operating system and browser patches.


Processor: 1.6GHz or faster

RAM: at least 512MB

Note: We recommend you should set your display to a resolution of 1024x768 with 32-bit color depth.

We recommend a connection speed of at least 128Kbps.


How do I update Flash Player?

To use G4K you'll need Flash Player installed. You should also check that your Flash Player is always up to date.

Download it for free by visiting the Adobe Flash Player website.

- Adobe Flash:

- Adobe Shockwave:

How do I update My Brower?

Can I use GATE4kids on a tablet or smartphone?

Yes you can! The GATE4Kids system is built using a program called Adobe Flash Player. Official support for Adobe Flash is not available for mobile devices, such as smart phones, iPads, and Android tablets. Your will have to download Puffin to be able to use it. Check the link:


GATE4Kids will continue working on the tablets which support Flash or any PC or Macintosh computer. We are developing GATE4Kids APP version. Hopefully it can be completed soon.