I highly recommend this website to any parent who suspects their child is gifted and who wants to make sure their child is getting the best education possible through gifted education options.

I am interested in the gifted program for my 3rd-grade and 4th-grade kids. The commercial IQ and gift-testing book cost a lot ($40 plus) with only one test. I am looking for the gift screening tests and found this website has tons of practice questions and is very affordable. I highly recommend it!

My son is bright, talented, and a quick-learner. He needs our guidance to teach him how the gifted and talented exams look like. However, both my husband and I work full-time. Now I found this website very helpful because it offers self-paced, children-friendly gift & IQ-screening test preparation. My son likes it and now I find an excellent teaching tool to challenge him. Highly recommend it!

My friend recommended me this website when my child went through the gifted testing process at school. My child went to our local test prep center but found it no use because there is not much practice questions available, the course was very boring, and was held only once a week. My son liked this website because it offers 3D learning tool and exam-like challenging questions. He passed the Gifted test!

I spent five hundred dollars buying paper-based IQ tests for my son. Nothing can compare with this computer-based, intelligence database with practical learning tools. My son is in GATE program now.

Every student, even gifted and talented children, should know what the real tests would look like, or at least practice one or more questions before they take the real gift-identified exams at school. I highly recommend this website to those parents who have little background in gift-identified testing and want to test their gifted children's intelligence.

Highly recommend to the parents whose children are bored in school and who need help understanding what testing the gifted is all about!

This website offers gifted and talented tests with very affordable price to the parents like me who are looking for high-qualify, and plenty real tests questions in reasonable cost. Many other books are dull-reading but this website is very children-friendly. My children find the interactive learning is very cool! I highly recommend this website for children!

3D learning is very cool! My kid likes it! Now he gets better understanding how the figures will be tested in the analogy category. I like it, and highly recommend to parents who are looking for gifted-identified tests to help their children pass the tests.

My daughter is gifted. In the public school systems in this economy, I want to have more gifted education options for her. There is not much tests available from my internet browsing, and I found this website is the best one that offers plenty practice questions and examine-like tests with very reasonable costs.

I highly recommend this website to the parents who have gifted children.

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