About TNT

What is TNT ?

What's the difference between GATE Test Prep and Top-Notch-Thinking (TNT)? Beyond GATE test preparation, the larger goal of GATE4Kids is to train your children to be effective critical thinkers and to be curious about learning and solving problems both in academic settings and in the real world. TNT uses many of the same fun, engaging and challenging game-like format that makes problem-solving fun for children and differentiates our product from similar programs. GATE Test Prep focuses on preparing your child specifically for problems on the different GATE exams. On the other hand, Top-Notch-Thinking (TNT) focuses on helping your children develop the fundamental thinking skills that they will use on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.


Ultimately, we want to help children become effective critical thinkers. As children learn, their thinking skills progress from simply remembering items to more developed processing of the information they learn. Eventually, they develop critical thinking skills to evaluate problems and situations and draw upon skills and past experience to make informed decisions and judgments. TNT helps accelerate this progression.



Why children learn TNT ?

TNT's training program helps children extend thinking skills from the more basic problems that are tested in the GATE exam to situations that are more abstract or more complex. These more complex reasoning situations might require children to simultaneously exercise numerous different areas of thinking. For instance, analogies or classification might be applied to verbal situations as well as to spatial or figural problems. Vocabulary development and reading skills may help to understand more complex social reasoning situations. Learning to apply these skills in a more sophisticated manner and developing thinking and communication skills will form the basis for deeper understanding of learning material as well as being able to respond more effectively in complex situations.



Training in these verbal and nonverbal thinking areas will provide your children with a solid foundation for academic achievement. TNT extends this training by working with your child to develop the critical thinking skills your child will use in everyday life, including: reasoning about everyday problems, making decisions, finding creative solutions, communicating ideas and exercising sound judgment.


Select our GATE Test Prep product if your child is taking the GATE exam within 6 months. Select TNT if you want your child to exercise and develop thinking skills on a regular basis over a longer period of time.